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This is just a generic domain that a variety of people use for email or websites, etc. There is not much here, to be honest, except for a few websites that others are using this domain for hosting. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting requests for new websites. If you have a email address, you will still be fine. All emails will remain active. All websites hosted here will remain active as well....but no new sites and no new emails will be added or given out.  Sometime in the future, if I ever get around to it, I'd like to use this site to host music oriented content, but will the day ever come?  Who knows.  Anyway, for now its just a site that crawls its away along in some far back corner within the vast stretches of the internet.  Cheers. - Site Admin

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Best Buy Christmas Did you know Best Buy has banned the word Christmas from its advertising for several years now? Do they really need your money when they go out of their way to censor the very reason why you are shopping? Guess what....because the word "Christmas" isn't even on Best Buy's website, this page has cached at the top of Google. Fancy that! This is a wonderful experiment in SEO. When Best Buy decides to be stupid and ban the word Christmas from its website....then it leaves that keyword wide open for someone me! haha Best Buy!!

If you are like me, you've wondered about who Abongo Obama is...who is he?  Have you noticed the internet and media mysteriously lacks information on him? In fact, Obama's entire family is quite a mystery. Lets see if we can figure out who Abongo Obama is.



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