Best Buy Christmas Ban

Best Buy Bans Christmas - So Ban Best Buy

Who are 95% of all "holiday" shoppers? Are they Kwanzaa shoppers? Lol. They are CHRISTMAS shoppers. Yet Best Buy has deemed the word "Christmas" offensive. Isn't that interesting that in a struggling economy where stores are fervishly competing for your business, that Best Buy would go out of its way to censor the very reason why you are shopping.

Think about this. Why is this page at the top of your search result? When you typed in your keywords, and this article came up, why did that happen? You would think that if I went to Google and typed "Best Buy Christmas" that I would find tons of results on, sales, special Christmas deals......yet nothing. Nothing at all. You know why that is? It is because Best Buy, in their idiocy, censors the word "Christmas" from most of its website. This means that all those keyword phrases like "Christmas Best Buy" or "Best Buy Christmas" are wide open for anyone else to poucne on. And lets be many people search for "holiday" in Google when they are looking for Christmas items? Exactly.

Bye Bye Best Buy

I will not spend a dime at Best Buy this year because "Happy Holiday" offends me. If someone says to me "Happy Hanukah" or "Happy Kwanzaa" I would feel special and grateful. Those phrases do not offend me, in fact, they brighten my day. "Happy Holiday" is very ruins my shopping experience. I hate the phrase because it reeks of politically correct nonsense.

The economy is not doing well, and I will be sure that all of my Christmas dollars are spent at stores that use the word Christmas.

So this message is for best buy. Christmas is what I celebrate. It is what the majority of people whom you are counting on to shop at your stores this season celebrate. If you declare offensive the word Christmas, by what logic on earth should you expect all those millions of Christmas shoppers to patronize your store? You take them all for fools if you can thumb your nose at Christmas, yet try to lure them into your stores. The double standard is abhorrent.

Thank You For The Keywords "Best Buy Christmas"

Hey Best were stupid. Thanks for the keywords: "Best Buy Christmas". Haha. They are mine now. But it shouldn't be the case. Had you been a bit more intelligent, with a better business sense, you would own those keywords. To own those keywords, you (obviously) need to put the word "Christmas" on your website. Just think of all those customers who punch in "Best Buy Christmas" who are never routed to your store in the Search Engines, but instead see my article! Tsk Tsk.

You could have those keywords all to yourself, but instead, in your politically correct idiocy (fire the person in charge who made this crazy decision to ban Christmas) your silly foolishness, by removing the word Christmas from your website, you don't even turn up in those search results! How silly of you! That is just bad business.

So Long Best Buy. No Christmas Money from me!

I don't celebrate "holiday." I dont know anyone who does.