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Let me just summarize everything on this page in one simple sentence:  Stay Away!

My opinion of Lunarpages began favorably when I saw their 24 hour tech support and nice looking site.  Boy was I in for a surprise.  In the span of 8 months, I gave these guys 2 tries.  My first experience with them was utterly horrible, but resulted in me contacting one of their departmental managers who apologized and promised improvement.  Feeling good about the apology, 6 months later I tried them again....the experience was just as awful.  Despite the "nicety" of a 24 hour phone tech support, Lunarpages has the worst in the business.  You know, they have to pay salaries for 24 hour tech support, and in order to afford 3 shifts of workers, they have to pay them less, thus the quality of tech support is FAR BELOW that of most other providers.  The tech support at Lunarpages is just didn't exist for me.  I don't know which one, but the result is the same:  your problems drag on and on and their reliability is painful.


Here is the complete text of one of my tickets:

 After signing up with you, in a manner of 72 hours my site went down. Despite the bad first impression, my circumstances are now compounded by the extreme lack of tech support that I am receiving. I am trying to run a business, which I cannot do when my site is down, and whats far worse, is that your tech support is ignoring my repeated requests for communication. They make me hound them like a nag and it is humiliating, unprofessional, and unacceptable.

Do you want my business?

I cannot describe how frustrating it is to be ignored by tech support; to have an issue that drastically affects me considered unimportant by them. I feel like you guys really couldn't care less about me, and that you are here to take my money, and give me some semblance of "hosting service".

I just came from a bad host, and now I am getting the same run around and ignored pleas for help by you as I did from my last provider.

Frankly, I am disgusted with your services.
See a history of my STILL UNANSWERED ticket here:
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Thu, 06th Apr 2006

Either you address me or lose my business.
I refuse to pay for a service I cannot use.
And I resent wasting my time hounding tech support, who ignores me on urgent requests, and being made to feel like I'm some kind of child.

This is not professional. Rectify this immediately or my business is lost, and along with it any postitive recommendations I would have made for your company on the numerous hosting review sites that I frequent.

Message by D**** on Fri, 7th Apr 2006 4:11 am


I apologize for any inconvience you may be experiencing. I do see where one of your issues is on the tech desk waiting further investigation. I see where it have been investigated on different levels and moved to the next level of investigation. I also noticed that you have responded to this ticket a couple of times. Please, let me explain how our support desk works. When a question comes into the desk, it arrives in a que. Tickets are then worked on, in the order they arrive to the desk. If you respond to a ticket, before a tech has investigated the issue, the ticket goes back to the bottom of the que and starts it's climb to the top once again. I can assure you, one your issue is not and will not be ignored and the technicians will investigate your issue and you should hear from them shortly.

Again, I apologize for any inconveince this may be causing you.

I hope this is helpful.

If you have any questions, or if we can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us

Kind Regards,
D*** M******
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  • Your message on Thu, 6th Apr 2006 5:25 am
  • My Site is down, been down for over 2 hours! Please let me know ASAP what the problem is. I just switched to you guys from another hosting provider that was incessantly down.

    PLEASE inform me what is going on!

    .DNS Lookup: be*******.com A record
    Generated by at 05:23:22 GMT on 06 Apr 2006.
    How I am searching:
    Searching for be*******.com A record at []: Got referral to C.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. [took 128 ms]
    Searching for be*******.com A record at C.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. []: Got referral to [took 14 ms]
    Searching for be*******.com A record at []: Server failure! [took 90 ms].

    Server failure. There's a problem with the DNS server for be*******.com.

    Your message on Thu, 6th Apr 2006 5:32 am

    I just read an email that you are moving servers, however its well beyond the 30 minutes you spoke of.
    I created the domain*******.com in plesk but NS8 & NS9 are not resolving to it. I've been deleted out of DNS, but have no idea why. It worked before, but just started failing tonight. Please restore my A records, thx

    Message by D**** on Thu, 6th Apr 2006 11:46 am


    I have forwarded this ticket to our technical staff for review. You will be
    notified when more information is available.

    Thank you.

    Please don't hesitate to get in touch, should you require further

    Kind Regards,
    D**** M*****
    Support -

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    Tutorials -
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    1-877-586-2772 (U.S. & Canada - Toll-free)
    0800-072-9150 (U.K - Toll-free)
    1-714-521-8150 (International)

    Your message on Thu, 6th Apr 2006 11:34 pm

    still down. exact same issue. anyone?

    Your message on Fri, 7th Apr 2006 3:38 am

    Please guys. I just transferred to you.

    Why is no one responding to me? This is unacceptable.

    I cant believe that in a manner of 3 days from joining you, I am TOTALLY down. I need my domain, already I have lost 24 hours of time on this. I am running a business here and I am very dissappointed.

    Its not being down that is making me angry...but being ignored.
    I am forwarding this ticket number to customer service. If my domain is to be down, I expect to be updated and informed, not ignored.

    If this is the kind of attention I will normally expect on an urgent ticket, I dont think I'll be with Lunarpages very long.
    My ticket is urgent, and so far the level of attention I'm getting from your tech support is minimal.
    I leave one hosting that ignored prompt tech support service only to get more of the same.

    Your message on Fri, 7th Apr 2006 3:59 am

    Please note this message that I just forwarded to Sales.

    If, come 12 more hours, I am still ignored and do not have something that is more substantive than a meaningless "I have forwarded this ticket to our technical staff for review" I will cancel my account immediately.

    To this moment, I have yet to hear one single word from the technical staff. What is the technical staff doing? While I sit around waiting for my site to be up, I have to wonder whether the technical staff is simply understaffed, underskilled, or undermanaged.

    Either way, this is unacceptable to be ignored so long on an urgent ticket. Before I cancel my account, I will draft a letter to your parent company Add2Net, as I feel they may be interested in knowing that customers are ignored. I am hoping that your customer service department will address the issue because no longer is it merely a tech support issue.

    If you dont want my business, fine, just say so. But at least be decent enough to address me, and not insult me like this. I resent wasting the 6 hours I've already spent moving my data to your servers. I'm happy to take my business to another company who will treat me with more dignity and respect than you have.

    When my site is 100% down, that is urgent. Its urgent for me. yes, I see, it doesn't mean jack #$#$ to you, what do you care, if my site is down? You got better things to play solitaire


    I finally cancelled this account.  They ignored me perpetually.


    Enter mistake #2.....6 months later I sign up again thinking "ok, maybe they got better....WRONG!"

  • Your message on Fri, 11th Aug 2006 1:21 pm
  • 1
    last 4 digits on our company credit card: 5725
    Please cancel immediately the account
    * Domain: ****.com

    * Username: th***10

    * Password: *****

    * Server: kraz

    REASON FOR CANCELLATION: Incompetent and unresponsive technical support.
    Unreliable Service.

    Please see ticket# 3476-ASDV-0440
    I prepaid a year of service with you. While I can tolerate service that
    drops occasionally, there is just no way...absolutely no way, I can tolerate
    incompetent tech support. I supplied your tech support staff with all the
    information they need to solve my problem. My problem was urgent because
    our email was down. You forced us to email clients from YAHOO email
    addresses instead of our professional domain address. Today is a new day, I
    woke up expecting our problem to be solved, but instead your tech support
    demonstrated they don't know how to read very well. Now we are going to
    have to send email to our clients via YAHOO again and this is unacceptable.
    But what is worse is that the thought of enduring a whole year of this kind
    of substandard service and poor reliability is beyond my capacity. I just
    cannot bear the idea that I'm going to have problems, problems, problems on
    your servers that will go unanswered, unanswered, unanswered by your tech

    Forget it.

    Issue my full refund immediately. Thank you.


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