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Who Is Malik Abongo Obama (Abongo "Roy" Obama)

Lets begin with some interesting facts.  Wikipedia, the great "neutral" source of knowledge has engaged in a deliberate cover-up operation about Abongo.  They have put in place a blackout on some parts of human knowledge they feel is dangerous to their POV.   Did you know Wikipedia had an article about Abongo Obama?   It was immediately deleted!  Look at this screenshot (click for full size)

Abongo Roy Obama

So why would an "encyclopedia" of human knowledge see that an article about the half-brother of a potential President of the United States be irrelevant and not worthy of being included in an encyclopedia that loves to go out of its way to talk about the family of Sarah Palin, yet somehow the family of Obama is irrelevent! Wikipedia has thousands of minutia articles- for example, nearly 1000 words entirely devoted to "Macaca".  Wikipedia goes out of its way to talk about the children of Rudy Guliani, or long ago family history of George Bush, but when it comes to the family of the Barack Obama, it is strangely silent. Wikipedia goes out of its way to describe the theology of Sarah Palin as "pentecostal" yet you will not find the term "black liberation theology" in Obama's article. Obama's family is off limits in hte POV and utterly biased Wikipedia. I find it fascinating that Wikipedia not only deleted the Abongo article but did it immediately, elevating its deletion process to speedy deletion!  Obviously there is something out there that wikipedia doesn't want us to know.   How fascinating that "macaca" is an instant wikipedia splash hit,  or Mel Gibson's father's anti-semitism gets a wikipedia spotlight....Palin's pregnant daughter gets revved up....yet Barack Obama's blood relatives, who may have possible radical Muslim ties, get a wikipedia "blackout"!

Can you say "Wikipedia Bias?"

Don't let Wikipedia "decide" what constitutes knowledge and what doesn't.  That is the way of Goebbels.

Fact: A typical Wikipedia author is a white male aged 35 and under, a tekkie, and leans socialist. It's no wonder this "encyclopedia" is so biased and unreliable. Most wikipedians are young white male socialists who are computer geeks. Thats what is called systemic bias in wikipedia, and wikipedia itself has acknowledged it.

UPDATE JULY 12 2008: Wikipedia again deleted an article about Abongo. Once again, someone wrote an article about Abongo, and once again, the white male socialists on Wikipedia speedily deleted it. At the moment, there is a small mention of Abongo on this page here, but as you can see no where does wikipedia mention that Abongo has extremist Muslim beliefs. Wikipedia is deliberately leaving out critical information about this individual....no surprise.

So who is Malik Abongo Roy Obama?

Abongo Obama is the son of Barack Obama Sr., who died in 1982.  He is the half brother of Barack Hussein Obama, a current contender for the Democratic nomination for the President of the United States.   Malik Abongo "Roy" Obama wanted a Muslim burial for his father at the time of his death, as Obama himself states in his book "Dreams From My Father".

 Abongo Roy Obama

In his book, Obama admits that Abongo felt that the black man must "liberate himself from the poisoning influences of European culture."  He embraced Islam and changed his lifestyle to shun pork, and drinking and other western trappings.  He sees the west as a corrupting force...yes, folks, that includes the United States...most especially the United States.

According to Investor's Business Daily, "Abongo "Roy" Obama is a Luo activist and a militant Muslim" (found here).

But thats not all, accusations that Abongo is a militant fundamentalist Islam is found elsewhere: another here, and again here....and other sites exist beyond those.  These are reputable sources, folks.

So.....Is this true?   And I don't want a follower telling me its a lie...how do you know its a lie?  You dont.  Period.  Neither do I know its a lie, nor do I know its true.  That means we need to learn more!  I have never known any president in US history that has more obscurity about his family then Barack Obama.

 "But the magic of his laughter remains, and we can disagree without rancor," Barack freely states in his book.  Is it a concern for you that Barack can laugh and happily talk with someone who apparently so vehemently opposes our country? 

If it is true that Abongo is a militant, I have some questions:

Does Barack Obama visit his brother?  How often does Barack visit him?

Does Barack Obama call him?  How often do they speak?  Are they like "family?"  Are they close?

These questions are natural to me.  They are natural because I don't know who this man Malik Abongo Obama is, and as an American citizen I have a right to know who the family is of the president that runs our nation.  Knowing the family ties that our Commander in Chief has is legitimate.  Its absolutely, 100% legitimate.

Yet the moment we start asking questions about Obama and his family ties, we are shunned....and only silence is returned.  "Its not relevant" we are told.  The Obamists remind us that we aren't electing his half brother, so learning about him is irrelevant.  "We don't need to know" they tell us.....don't ask, don't tell....or is it..."Just don't ask?"  What a strange attitude from liberals, who are always seeking information on people...and believe me, they will dig it up on McCain. 

I find it irrational that somehow we don't need to know anything about the family of a man who is President of the United States. 

Its just not logical.  The moment you start asking about Barack's family, his followers start condemning you as a hatemonger, fearmonger, racist, bigot, etc.  It is as if asking about his family is "off limits"....well you saw what wikipedia did.

Knowing about a President's Family is Important and Relevant.

This is the President of the United States! Of Course we need to know about his family, it *is* relevant. Why is it critical to know about the president's family?  That should not have to be explained...by anyone. For some reason, Obamists see it as irrelevant who his family is.  I find that quite unnerving. If there exists militantism in the immediate family of Obama, I want to know about it, and I want to know the depth and extent of Obama's family relationships with those enemies.

Obama and Bush wanted to know about me. They had the NSA on me all this time...and on you. They know everything about us....why can't we know something about them?

Hello? Media? Anyone home? Do your job. We know very little about Obama's family apart from what is in his own book.  I recall in the last election a huge media frenzy, and it was all over wikipedia, about George Bush having a drunk driving incident that happened decades ago.  Guiliani's history of divorce and his own daughter's disapproval of him were made widely public.  But somehow, with Obama, no one cares to research this man's family at all. 

I'm Asking Everyone: If You Found This Information Helpful, Please Link To This Article

Don't let Wikipedia "decide" what constitutes knowledge and what doesn't.  That is the way of Goebbels.

I leave you with one last photo....do you have any idea who this is in the picture with Barack?

I know who it is, but that's a whole new article.  Its pretty scary, though.  Learn more here:  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=149_1199587542

March 04, 2008

Last updated: July 12, 2008