HD Vision Wraparounds HD Wraparounds

Summary: Dont Buy This Fraud

Did you see the commercial for this product? A pair of sunglasses that lead you to believe you will have improved clarity of vision...just like a HD TV! Wow. Before I saw like a regular TV, and now I'm going to see like a HDTV. Hello? McFly? Just how stupid do people think we are? As of Aug 8, the website claims that these glasses will and I quote "Enhance your vision. Just like high definition TV."

'If you can see clearly with your glasses, you already have vision vastly superior than HDTV"

Alright folks, in case anyone doesn't understand why HDTV is clearer than normal TV I'll explain it quickly. HDTV is clearer because it has a higher resolution than regular TV. If you dont understand resolution, let me just say that if you have corrected vision, and you are able to see 20/20 (even with glasses)....you already see things at a far greater resolution than HDTV....your vision is already superior to HDTV! Thats right...you do not need these scam HD wrap around glasses because your vision right now is already vastly superior to HDTV.

Buy these pieces of junk at your own peril! Know that any product that has to lie to you in order to get sales is probably going to rapidly and with happy glee, take your money and further lie to you. Don't expect quality from any seller who already has to decieve and lie about their scam product.

HD Vision Wrap Around Glasses Verdict: Fraud.

These are sunglasses folks, thats it. Buy a pair at wal mart, not from these scammers.

Aug 08 , 2008

Last updated: Aug 08 , 2008