Secrets of the Game:  Killing The Mino Hoarde
The most troubling group of units in the game, other than naibs, for most people are the ever so slowly marching army of minos. Isolated they are weak, in a group they are powerful, and in a hoarde, they are invincible- or are they?

I am going to devote the next few threads on how to kill the mino hoarde. This is how I do it. It may not be how other people do it, but for those who struggle killing mino's, I'll tell you that my method is very effective and has given me numerous victories against mino armies.

There are three types of Mino hoardes. 

1. THE WEAK HOARDE: a bunch of minos bunched up with no additional units

2. THE STRONG HOARDE: A bunch of minos with deployed kindjal infantry strategically placed in front.

3. THE SUPER HOARDE: A bunch of minos with deployed Kindjal, snipers, one or both of sard elites and fremen fedyakins, and drones circling overhead. 



Chapter 1:  Killing the Mino Hoarde with Ordos

Chapter 2:  Killing the Mino Hoarde with Harkonnen