Stopping Guild DEAD in their Tracks:

A Guide To Building Better Bases

Its a large map:  Fisher Plain and the money is set to 30K.  You are used to those quick knife fights with QM settings.  Its been a long time since you've played a large map with high money.  Your opponent has selected a picture with 3 connected dots as a subhouse.  

"WTF kind of subhouse is that?" you ask. 

"It's the Guild subhouse" you respond.

"Ahh, oh yes, those black tank things.  Its been so long since I've seen one of those.  I play the small maps.  Few people ever play guild on the small maps because its so expensive."

Expensive, yes.  This is the subhouse especially designed for the big money games.   People that live and breath QM games proabably dont see as much guild as those people who play the high money games.   They really are two different games.   When a QM player starts a game on a large map with high money, they are probably a bit out of their comfort zone.  

And some of you who do play large maps quite a bit, may often get very frustrated when you play against guild.  A good guild player will waste no time at all.  He will quickly make 3 or 4 guild tanks and immediately start harrassing your base.   How can you stop this?

Part of the secret is in how you are building your base.  If you are a veteran of the QM, then you are accustomed to what I call very sloppy base building.  Pre-built bases are sloppy and definately favor the guild rusher.  In these slide shows, I am going to give you my tried and true tips on how to stop guild- dead in its tracks.  The first show is a quick 7 slide showing you what it takes to kill a guild tank.   Most of the veteran players already know this info, but it is a great refresher.  Heck while doing these tests, I totally forgot about the different powers of fremen fire, so even if you are an experienced player, its still a good review.   The second show gives you a step by step demonstration of properly building your base to best defend against guild.

Intro:  Killing Guild (see this slide show first)
Defending Your Base vs. Guild
  This slideshow is suited for games WITHOUT a pre-built base!