"Get out of my way, drones, I'm coming through!!"

Tactics Demonstration by Emprworm and Soul_Reaver

Some people say the Mino is the best Atreides unit.  I would agree, but there is no doubt the Atreides drone is a close second.  Atreides is mainly a slow house.  A unit-by-unit comparison puts atreides on the official "sloth" list, with special thanks to the mino for its sluggish movement.  But drones are powerful and fast.  They can fire on the move and just a few drones can eat up an entire army of Harkonnen gunships.  Drones are most feared units by other players when trying to move units through the air.  There is no doubt that in any game with a good atreides player, the air space is owned by Atreides.   How many times have you been so annoyed when your atreides opponent just makes drone after drone after drone until you cant even see the ground anymore because there are so many drones circling in the air like vultures?  They are so difficult to deal with.  But if you are mean, and if you are aggressive, and you are not in the mood for taking crap from a Drone Head then please, be my guest and read on....

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