Tactics Demonstration by Emprworm and Soul_Reaver

Pink and green menaces:  the deviator is perhaps the most lethal unit in the game.  When used properly, its sheer and destructive ability to wreak haavok upon your forces is unparalleled in the game.  No vehicle you have is immune to this thing.  Deviators are a very menacing unit.  However, most players don't see them very often, even though they play a lot of Ordos opponents.  Why is this?  Mainly because the majority of Ordos players prefer QM settings on smaller maps.  These games usually contain a lot of dustscouts, laser tanks, and kobras, but very few (if any) deviators.  The reason that QM games don't usually contain deviators is because in order to build a deviator you need both a hangar and a starport- something that many small QM setting games dont allow for.  So, the most likely time you  will see deviators is when the game is on a large map with high money or the game is long.  But even then, many players dont choose "Ordos" on large map games, because they wrongly thinki that Ordos is a weaker house in a long game on a large map.   So it really IS rare to see these things, even though I believe they are the best unit in the entire game!  This is why if its a large map, high money game, I almost always choose Ordos.  And when many players encounter these things, they just don't know what to do to stop em.  Hopefully, this slideshow will give you an introductory demonstration on some good ways to decimate the deviator.

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