About me: 


Age:  Don't go there.

From: United States

Favorite Hobbies: Networking, Writing Music, Gaming, Philosophy, Arguing with Edric O on Gob's forums

My Real Name:  What?

My Favorite House:  None, really.  I am basically a rounded player, though I am best with Ordos.

My Favorite BO's:  #1) The Ordos Smack Down, #2) MCV Air Drop Annihilator (both on this site)

My Favorite Game: I am not a QM'er.  I have never QM'ed save for the time I was a newbie.  There are many intricacies of a QM match that I just am not an expert on.  I understand them, yet I dont have the practice playing them.  So one day about 3 months ago I got a page from elite47 asking me to join him to team up against Cerb and Earedil.  Well I jumped on that (I never ever back out of a challenge- if you challenge me, I will play you- and I prefer to have witnesses in the game if its 1 on 1)  Of course, I enter their room and its QM Worm Garden.  I am feeling a bit unworthy here.  I'm in a room with 3 of the best QM'ers ever and I dont QM at all.  I was hoping that elite wouldnt be mad at me when we lost.  Well that didn't happen.  We won.  Me and elite were Ordos.  Earedil was Ordos and Cerb was Hark.  I saw Cerb above me (i was on bottom) and I instantly began making mortar and putting them on his rock above my base (first thing I did was upgrade barracks)  He was building the classic Hark Spanker (similar to ACElethal's BO), but with mortar deployed on his rock and my kobra sitting behind, he was killed quick (mortar is a good defense vs. that BO).  Elite was handling Earedil as well (though I dont know all the details of what he did), and we won the game.  Well if that was my favorite game, the rematch was my worst game (he he).  Spice Bowl, QM, same houses.  Cerb and Elite on bottom, me and Earedil on top.  Cerb gets revenge early by hark-spanking Elite while Earedil owns me with his classic Wormwood Wiggler- worming me to death.  Not a pretty picture, we got owned on the rematch.   

My Favorite Maps:  Spice Bowl, Knife Fight, Fisher Plain

Highest Ranking:  None, I was never a QM'er or a clan player- took too much devotion.  I just enjoy casual play- never cared about a rank.